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Rubber seal
  • Rubber seal
  • Rubber seal
  • Rubber seal
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Main features: anti weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti UV, anti ozone, oil resistant, high temperature resistant, flame retardant.
Main functions: sealing, seismic, noise, fire, insulation, anti - static, anti - aging, anti - wear, anti - compression, soft rebound.
Execution standard: SGS, UL, ASTM, NFR, AFNOR, DIN, FMVSS,
Main application areas:
1 vehicles, ships: doors, lamps, luggage compartment, all kinds of pipe sealing materials; air conditioning systems, instrumentation, instrumentation, engine vibration, cushioning materials, engine noise, heat insulation materials; fire, low compression, smoke free materials.
2. Civil, architecture: plate, open channel and civil building sealing materials, doors and windows sealing materials, concrete shrinkage proof gasket materials, fire and shock absorption, piping insulation materials.
3 packaging: packaging board industry die cutting tool on the pop up material, precision instruments, medical equipment, furniture transport buffer materials, small appliances to protect the cushioning material.
4 rail transit: earthquake resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention of the role of the rail pad.
5 sound insulation, moisture-proof: all kinds of mechanical equipment, electric control cabinet, switch cabinet, compressor and so on.
6 sports goods: diving clothing, protective equipment, soft thermal insulation, anti shock.
7. The machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, cooler, air conditioner, refrigerator and freezer insulation, all kinds of machinery and equipment anti noise, moisture-proof, sealing material, electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, waterproof, moisture-proof, sealing, insulation, shockproof, conductive material.
8 cleaning supplies: sanitary ware seal, insulation.
9 toys: tire model, a variety of hardness, anti wear.
Technical features and specifications:
Shore hardness from 15 to 80
Density ranges from 75kg/m3 to 500 kg/m3
Compression modulus of elasticity (25%) from 10KPA to 500kpa.
Temperature resistance can be as high as 150 degrees Celsius.