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Wen Changshun Rubber Co., Ltd., silicone, rubber processing, we produce a range of machining operations: baby products series, auto parts series, kitchenware fittings series. Outdoor equipment and mechanical sealing ring series and so on. We have many years of production experience, advanced technology and advanced production equipment, we must ensure product quality and cheap, hope can for your company in a service to help you.

Welcome to map and sample custom processing, we adhere to long-term cooperation with you is our goal all along.1 integrity: since its inception, always adhere to the "market-oriented, quality of survival, service for development" for the purpose, to the "integrity and pragmatic, innovation, reputation first. The user first" business philosophy, extension management to grasp the market, innovate continuously, with excellent product quality, good corporate reputation and service, quickly became a professional hose industry well-known manufacturers in just a few years. Among them, Wen Changshun rubber products Co. Ltd. tube production in domestic rubber industry with the industry´s first 2. Environmental protection: as rubber products business, Wen Changshun knew rubber responsibility. To realize high speed development and environmental protection enterprises, low emission production is the development of Wen Changshun rubber has been The pursuit. Based on national standards, science and technology as the guide, to improve the production mode of Wen Changshun rubber products Co. Ltd. continuously, and improve the process, to practice the environmental protection mission. To set up a series of environmental management system, safety management and inspection procedures, earnestly implement the technology management system, environmental monitoring and safety clear regulations, in-depth implementation of sincere.3 communication: Guangdong base in Foshan, South Guangzhou, North Tianjin, covering the whole country, to the world. Wen Changshun rubber convinced that the development of enterprises to vision, planning, visionary. Wen Changshun rubber products limited company always adhere to the going in the market strategy, strengthen the close ties with the same industry at home and abroad friends, actively in the previous China International Hardware & Electrical exhibition and other international and domestic various large exhibition and communication technology, extensive exchanges and cooperation, and continue to learn from the world The development of technology of rubber industry, accurately grasp the pulse of the market demand, to provide products to meet market demand to the society better. - your tasks, we explore solutions. Your problem is not only a challenge to our work, and the incentive to us. - our willingness to help us focus on work by now effect of stand in the position you think about your problem. We attach great importance to your thoughts! "- the study of silicone products" has become our habit. Special silicone products require special solutions. We pursue the highest precision and top quality. - welcome to inquire about our other enterprises. Welcome to contact us! - warmly welcome you to come to negotiate business. Please call: +86 13690342007

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