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We are a silicon rubber products processing company, mainly processing and production of auto parts, baby supplies, household appliances, kitchen appliances accessories and rubber cleaning utensils and so on, we after years of development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative research and development on family new cleaning tools, our great family of the floor and brought great convenience, make life easier. As a customer for the company, our products in rubber broom by wear natural rubber material and, our products durable, maintenance free, comfortable. Our rubber broom products widely used in family, ships, trucks and outdoor entertainment.
Squeegee is a revolutionary broom single cast natural rubber, has a unique quality of the cleaning. On the hard floor, soft rubber brush friction static charge in the hair and absorb all the dust on the floor of the building, hair, fluff and other low heavy dirt. Soft natural rubber brush is suitable for cleaning any subtle surface at home, they will never scratch furniture. They are enough to effectively clean rough aisle outdoor intangible is worn out or lost.
Squeegee is a kind of excellent wet dust collector, because it is composed of a natural rubber. This is the side and on the other side of the rubber scraper broom. A broom rod with 130cm long stainless steel bar configuration, and water scrub any floor, just flip and its internal scraper to remove excess water.
Rubber broom is the perfect solution for cleaning the carpet, produce static unique rubber, cotton stick, hair, etc. there is no dirt broom. The weight loss of the material can not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The quick and easy cleaning carpets, even better than the vacuum cleaner!
Soft rubber material will not harm the expensive and delicate furniture. At the same time, it will effectively cleaning in the garden in the rough way of walking, and smooth room floor. Squeegee used after it is easy to clean and dry, is always clean, attractive eye. It will never wear or lose its original shape and properties.

Our research and development of rubber broom products price is reasonable, stable quality, we just want to serve every family in the world.



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