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Baby Pacifier----00087
  • Baby Pacifier----00087
  • Baby Pacifier----00087
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Made of food grade liquid activated silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, is resistant to high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, disinfection, non sticky, not bulging, deformation. To protect the normal development of the baby mouth, gums, gums. All silica gel made of soft and elastic, even though the pressure, it will not hurt the baby.

Unique design, easy to baby hold and biting, often use is conducive to the healthy growth of baby gums, teeth; can cause the baby to overcome the bad habit of sucking fingers; make your baby soon have the beautiful, neat teeth.

- product quality: the product conforms to the American FDA and the national health standard.

And product material: Jianchi gutta percha using high-quality food grade silicone as raw materials, high degree of finish, strong anti tearing, ageing resistance, not sticky.

. the product by 100% food grade silicone production, easy to use, baby massage gums, promote the growth of baby teeth, baby teeth protection.

Clean protection:

Before use, please use boiling water or cooking disinfection. After the use of water will be used to clean the milk liquid, re entry into the boiling water for 3-5 minutes, with microwave oven disinfection when the temperature is not more than 200 degrees Celsius, with a cleaning agent need to be cautious. Store in cool and dry place, do not!


Please use in adult guardianship, use the first carefully check, if found damaged, aging, please immediately discard and replace. Do not put the nipple when the pacifier use, so as not to bite the loss.

A, food grade liquid silica gel, high transparency, without any smell.

B, low temperature -60, and the high temperature sterilization reached 310, the test confirmed that 0% bisphenol A.

C, unique product design, suitable for children in different months.

D, durability: can be adapted to repeat the high temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave ovens, pharmacy disinfection and other safety operation.

E, Gao Silie strength, resistant to long-term damage will not bite.