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Baby silicone bottle---00090
  • Baby silicone bottle---00090
  • Baby silicone bottle---00090
  • Baby silicone bottle---00090
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The factory uses food grade liquid silica gel (LSR) is made, does not contain bisphenol A, it will not be broken, widely favored. Silica gel bottle water resistance and moisture resistance, good elasticity at -60-200. Good stability, in the room temperature 25 degrees sealed not moisture, not in high temperature can be placed for at least 1 years not degenerate. Good chemical resistance, acid, alkali and a variety of chemicals. Without any environmental hormones, is the best alternative to plastic bottles. LSR silica gel is the best material for human operation, even though it is not easy to deform, and it does not contain any harmful substances.

Product characteristics: 1, safety of silicone rubber material, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic raw materials, high and low temperature resistance (50 ~ 200) degree, disinfection and no deformation, and maintain freshness. 2, this product through the international SGS standard certification, QS production license standards, in good faith to protect baby health. 3, the unique antiskid design, use strong stability, not easy to get rid of. 4, wide caliber bottle design, making milk milk is relatively simple, not easy to splash, easy cleaning. 5, wide mouth bottle bottom is more generous, more real sense of breast. 6, feeding process does not produce vacuum and air bubbles, greatly reducing the baby because of the inhalation of air caused by abdominal pain, vomiting, and the. 7, the impact is not fragile, easy to carry out.

The benefits of silicone bottle:

1 safe and harmless

The traditional bottle is plastic, and plastic in production must be added a lot of antioxidant, plasticizer, stabilizer, etc., these additives are harmful to the human body, and the plastic in high temperature conditions will make the environmental hormone substances exudation and accumulation in human body fat. The silicone does not contain environmental hormones, the use of medical grade silicone production, baby safe and healthy. Silica gel is a kind of material that can breathe, even if it is placed in the normal temperature, breast milk is not easy to degenerate, in the cold storage or freezing can better keep the freshness of breast milk. Because silica gel is harmless to human body, colorless, tasteless material, so we can be at ease of use.

2 baby like soft bottle

Soft as skin feels, it will play a role in stabilizing the baby´s mood.

3 washing and disinfection method

You can thoroughly clean all parts of the bottle, not a bottle brush can also be washed clean. And, in boiling water or in the microwave oven disinfection will not lead to deformation. Silicone bottle than the general plastic bottle heat, long time of disinfection will not be a problem. Take off the plastic parts, only the silicone bottles and nipples in the water disinfection (sterilization: a Monday to two times).

4 no smell

Silica gel is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic raw materials, food or liquid for a long time will not produce plastic or rubber container that kind of taste, can keep fresh degree.

5 easy to carry

When they go out, you can put some bottles and nipples (silicone) after separation together. Reduce volume, easy to carry. (5 silicone bottle is equivalent to the size of a general bottle)?.

6 economic benefits

No need to change the bottle, only need to replace the nipple can be used permanently. Babies can change into Mug? Cup´s cover in the baby. Then the adult can also use it as a water bottle, it can be left to the next generation. Silicone bottle does not contain harmful to the baby´s environmental hormone, and no poison. No need to change the bottle, only need to replace the nipple can be used permanently.

Quality identification

1 feel

Silica gel is a kind of material with the human body skin feeling, a good silicone bottle first is feel better. When feeding the baby, the baby often holding a small hand holding a bottle and milk; a good touch is conducive to the baby´s emotional stability, and help the development of the baby´s emotional intelligence, which is also the other materials can not be compared to the baby. A good silica gel bottle to have good flexibility, flexible silicone rubber: not that kind of stiff elastic and flexible silicone is soft and delicate. At the same time, you can put on the bottle inside the hot water to try, the feeling will be more like the skin of the human body.

2 convenience

Silicone bottles and other bottles, in addition to performance is better; it is also convenient to use, and practical. Namely, assembly and disassembly are convenient to be universal, and other pacifier, bottle used interchangeably (because now used in the majority of mothers or glass or plastic bottles). Now some of the silicone bottles on the disassembly, the decomposition is not very practical: in the silicone and the middle of the plastic cover between the installation of card slot, set up card, etc.. The bottle is a daily use product, so the most important point but also practical convenience.

3 details

As we all know, silica gel due to its own material reasons, more easily touched the dust. So in the design, in addition to the beautiful, but also take into account his dust. Silica gel bottle is on the bottle body consider the dust, the part of the bottle body made of frosted; this ensures that the product appearance, and care to the products dustproof; can be described as killing two birds with one stone.