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Damping ring-----00087
  • Damping ring-----00087
  • Damping ring-----00087
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The following types of rubber factory:

NBR FKM nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, natural rubber, NR, EPDM three IIR EPDM, butyl rubber, CR chloroprene rubber, butadiene, PU, H-NBR, MVQ, PTFE1, PTFE2.PTFE3. high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.

The company´s products have been up to thousands, sealing ring, rubber seal, oil seal, the outer skeleton oil seal, corrugated pipe, rubber gasket, O-ring, O

Professional development and production of various types of rubber molded products; plastic products; stamping products etc.. For all customer requirements, selection of rubber material, design formula. The main production of oil resistance, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and various types of rubber parts, plastic parts and other products. GM products are rubber mats, flat washers, shock pad, oil resistant O ring, Y ring, V ring, all kinds of rubber sheath, machinery fittings. High and low temperature resistant silicone products, lighting sheath, medical supplies, food and industrial rubber products: chemical resistant medium fluorine rubber products, flame retardant products; aging resistance, ozone resistant ethylene propylene products; low friction rubber seal. With metal skeleton rubber, rubber cushion, rubber, pad, cloth seal, rubber sheath, handle etc.

The company of rubber plastic products involving various industries, automobile, fitness equipment, chemical pipeline. Lighting lamps, household appliances, audio equipment, petrochemical, machinery, textile machinery production line.