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NBR,Rubber parts
  • NBR,Rubber parts
  • NBR,Rubber parts
  • NBR,Rubber parts
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Basic product data:
1 material: environmental protection rubber
2 Hardness: 20~80 degrees (also can be selected according to customer requirements)
3 product specifications: Security dedicated, unconventional.
4 product color: according to customer requirements
Product order:
1 off the shelf products: that the company has a customer requirements of the existing mold (non custom), can be exempted from customer mold costs.
2 new mold products: mold design products according to customer supplied drawings, tooling costs borne by the customer.
3 exempt from mold cost conditions:
3.1 as long as the customer for the first time the amount of products to order more than 50000 yuan, the company can be on behalf of customers to bear the cost of mold;
3.2 customer orders are less than 70 mm in diameter, for the first time more than for the amount of 10000 yuan can be free of mold cost.
Manufacturing strength:
1 the company has a complete and independent production line of silicone rubber
2 the company has a full set of mold manufacturing equipment
3 the company has a number of silicone rubber product engineers and mold design and manufacturing engineers, for your needs and after-sales service to provide a strong guarantee. Your needs + our strength =100% products, at any time to welcome your advice.

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