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Baby Pacifier--00088
  • Baby Pacifier--00088
  • Baby Pacifier--00088
  • Baby Pacifier--00088
  • Baby Pacifier--00088
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The nipple is through the inspection and approval of food grade liquid silicone rubber injection molding, with high transparency, toughness moderate, is not easy to break and so, it does not contain carcinogenic substance of ammonium nitrate.

Super soft breast nipple, flexibility and extensibility is two to three times the normal nipple, nipple surface is imitation breast milk of a real sense of design to breast feeding effect.

Breast milk real feeling, close to reality, and the use of imported food grade liquid silicone material made from, safe and environmentally friendly

Round hole silicone nipples, high temperature resistant, non stick, no swelling, no deformation. Even if the bottle is poured, the milk will not spill, can develop the baby himself

At the bottom of the nipple autistic type air valve can automatically adjust the air pressure in the bottle, with anti choke, to prevent the deformation of the nipple, sucking smooth functions.

The baby sucking exercise after a thorough study, made the simulation real sense of breast nipple, almost as well as the mother´s milk

Warm reminder: nipple air valve may stick to, before use please use hand grilled about air valve to open the valve, sucking will more smooth, anti choking effect. Please pull the nipple of the bulb, check regularly, to prevent possible suffocation accident. If there is a tear, the crack or the sign of wear and tear, should be replaced immediately. Pacifier cleaning before use, and then boil for 3-5 minutes. Please clean it after each use