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Lady urine device
  • Lady urine device
  • Lady urine device
  • Lady urine device
  • Lady urine device
  • Lady urine device
  • Lady urine device
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The woman standing urination ideas and research is starting from the needs of the disabled. The result of physiological differences, men can stand up and squat micturition (urination alone in two ways, man will generally choose to stand), while women can only judge by urination, no choice, all the people think this is normal, even people with disabilities just complain squat dysuria, never thought to change. To experience the woman squatting urination squat up --- --- --- Tuoku mention trousers "in such a process, for healthy people, it is not a problem for the disabled is more trouble, this process requires effort and coordination at least five limbs and waist parts, these five parts as long as there is a site of disease, is unable to complete this process normally. For the purpose of caring for people with disabilities, people began to have let the woman standing row The idea of urine. This aspect of foreign research started earlier, there have been a woman standing urination and toilet facilities. It uses is a kind of special standing urinal, the standing urinal for both men and women can use, and generally a urinal different is that it hung a tube with a bell mouth funnel, the woman off, insert crotch ride on the bell mouth funnel can stand micturition.
It is not thought that, was originally set up for disabled people standing urination facilities have also been welcomed by the healthy people, healthy women will soon accept this new thing, joined the ranks of standing urination.
Compared to squat micturition and stand micturition, a waste of time and space and the number of female space is insufficient in the long term, the female toilets often long queues before. And the environmental mess, female friends also worry about health problems in the toilet, there are a lot of people simply squat to urinate in the toilets, avoid direct contact with the toilet squatting to urinate. Take off layers of pants, exposing the ass in the toilets, the summer will have mosquito bites, no heating in winter and easy to catch a cold wind, is not conducive to health. In the photo (recorded) like facilities increasingly advanced today, squat micturition is easy to peep, increasing the risk of sexual assault and injury. All of these make up urination has been quite a number of women welcome, have also set up a "pee standing club", the use of various forms of publicity of female pee standing advantages, introduce new facilities on women standing pee, new products, Exchange of women standing pee experience. National Taiwan University Gender Equality Committee also launched a sister sister stood up - the girls stood pee experience activities.
In order to solve the difficult problem of people on the toilet, as well as the development of foreign open placed female urinate standing facilities, I I
Unlike a urinal is it near the crotch height for woman urinal is an arc, always use faded pants, take the standing posture, his legs apart, as far as possible before the very body, urethral mouth is arranged above the urine collector, can be found through the investigation of standing urination. People. Now people have formed the habit of regular bowel movements, go out to the public toilet 73% is to urinate, if a woman can easily find urination facilities will greatly alleviate the toilet difficult problem. This problem in big city especially in the downtown area is very serious, the downtown area land, but few toilets, great people, can not find the toilet, but also found the long queues, is always a difficult problem, there is a woman to urinate standing facilities to solve the problem. On the side of a sewer where placed several such facilities, covers an area of Not, the cost is not high, can solve the big problem.
In order to make the woman standing urination, in addition to improving the facilities of urination, there is also a portable urine
In the absence of standing facilities urine toilet or in the field, you can use the portable urinal. It is made of thin steel wire and plastic, usually several urinal installed in a packing cylinder, with out, with the tension of the steel wire into a funnel shape, women as long as the poke underwear, pants also does not need to off will funnel along close to the labia majora can stand micturition.
Of above introduction foreign female standing urination need specialized facilities, and have health problems, mainly the female stand micturition way does not conform to China´s national conditions, in accordance with our current attitudes and habits, our female compatriots to accept.
The woman standing urination research started late, in recent years began in 2005 October morning, Xi´an city residents found, at the exit of the clock tower underground passage made a small pavilion, the top write "Unisex standing urinal". Numerous people gathered to watch the new things.
Original is Xi´an a retired female engineer leaf sweet rain because of physical reasons resulting in inconveniently squatting and standing up and make her stand micturition ideas, through research, invented the female stand micturition "deflector", applied for a patent and named it "can be urine, it used cardboard produced, usually stack and each package have five pieces, one-time use.
When used to open a cylindrical, with a larger face masks to live in their own urinary tract genital area. You can stand urination. Photos of the presenter, just faded out of the pants, the actual use of the underwear also faded away.
Should be said that the inventor to make a woman can stand micturition, the beneficial exploration and foreign woman to urinate standing compared with two advantages, it does not require specialized facilities, toilet without transformation, and disposable use, do not cross infection. But it also has two disadvantages, one is not convenient, the use of the trousers (including briefs fade away, on the one hand carrying trousers, a hand holding a deflector, want to think about this kind of posture, the woman is difficult to accept it. The second is the technical content is too low, even if a woman can accept this way, completely can be made, even with paper in roll, not to buy the products.
Based on the understanding of domestic and foreign research status of women standing urination, summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of various female standing urination, I invented the "pants", this product is the world´s first, it can make women like men do not take off pants can stand. It is composed of a pair of underpants and urination urine hopper underwear. In the opening below the female urethral orifice in the crotch, urine bucket is a latex made crooked the funnel, the funnel at the top is a bell oval, bell along the circular arc, and the surface is consistent over the female physiological urethra, the lower part of the funnel is a tubular channel of penis the role of the male. The urine bucket and connected in the opening parts of underwear, wear underwear, urine bucket can cover the urethra during urination, urine can be guided to the front row. Urine bucket soft hard moderate, rub extrusion deformation, usually walk run jump Sitting all without exception, in the absence of force, always maintain a crooked funnel shape, the inner wall of the nano coating of the invention of a company in the United States, do "don´t touch" treatment, the molecular arrangement closely, the surface highly smooth and doesn´t touch the water, urine after purification, no pollution to clothes and trousers.
Method of use: according to their body size of vertical pants, wear after a little adjustment, the urine collecting bucket and body tightly and in the urethra at bottom, his legs apart and shoulder width, can stand to urinate. Wear skirts in summer is the most convenient, her skirts can stand to urinate. If wearing trousers need a small mouth in pants crotch, closed by the garbage chain or buttons (similar to the men´s trousers, open the front door). The chain or buttons for explanation, the urination urinal tube out pants, as a man can not stand to urinate. The invention Tuoku innovative ideas, innovative design, avant-garde fashion, wearing a portable convenient, safe and sanitary, make the female urination more of a choice, to reduce women´s toileting environment, and is especially suitable for travel and field work. Using the diaper for those suffering from physical disorders such as the inconvenient squat female leg disability squat difficult; Hand disability Tuoku mention trousers difficulties; waist disease; hemiplegia; obesity and squat to be someone else helped or helper is of great benefit and help.