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Silicone wine cup logo
  • Silicone wine cup logo
  • Silicone wine cup logo
  • Silicone wine cup logo
  • Silicone wine cup logo
  • Silicone wine cup logo
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Material: food grade silicone
Product size: 8 * 8 * 0.7CM
Product weight: 15g (single)
Product packaging: bulk
* Temperature range: -40 ~ +230 degrees Celsius. Bake, frozen and still remain soft without distortion.
* FDA food products meet the US food testing standards: 21 CFR 177.2600
Environmental protection, through a variety of environmental testing, good elasticity, mainly used in the red wine cups, beverage bottles and straws, when we drink or drink, silicone cup paste, can also be used to identify each customer´s glass, Very stylish and will not find the cup after the hand from the hand, silicone products, long life, color and shape can be deployed in accordance with the requirements.
Apply to: drinks, wine glasses, ice and ice food interesting decoration.
1: high quality and low price, popular promotional items.
2: many styles and colors to choose from.
3: Thousands of designs and shapes.
4: design, logo and color of the special requirements, is a welcome glassware recognizer