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Food grade silicone children's cup
  • Food grade silicone children's cup
  • Food grade silicone children's cup
  • Food grade silicone children's cup
  • Food grade silicone children's cup
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Silicone cup cover (English name silicone cup cover), is the use of food-grade silicone material made of silicone cover, can be used with all kinds of coffee cups, cups of the lid, insulation, pest control dust and other effects; according to barometric pressure principle The product adopts high-temperature vulcanization molding of oil press, and has stable chemical properties according to the raw material of silicone, so it has high temperature resistance, 100% environmental protection and non-toxic, and is the best choice for today´s Silicone gifts on the market with the concept of a class of mainstream environmental protection products, products by consumers;
Product color
Silicone cup cover used in the principle of silicone material palette and art of painting the basic principle of color palette, white translucent silicone raw materials with the addition of vulcanizing agent is added by adding the corresponding color ratio of the color paste mixing, to be the corresponding The required color, color is generally the reference color is the international Pantone Pantone color or the actual color samples.
Product Features
1, strong adsorption, the unique soft silicone material can be any adsorption to live in any level of glass, ceramic or stainless steel cup.
2, the raw materials used 100% food grade environmental silica gel, soft, strong plasticity.
3, low-carbon environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, soft, non-slip, shock, impermeable water, heat insulation, not aging, not fade, easy to clean.
4, durable, effective protection of furniture surface is not burned, scratched.
5, the temperature range: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius. Baking, frozen and still maintain a soft deformation.
6, the products meet the US FDA food-grade testing standards: 21 CFR 177.2600.
7, with a fresh function, such as a glass of juice, a cup of tea too late to finish, afraid to run away taste, then this lid to send a big use.
Product advantages
1, the use of vulcanization molding process produced, the production process safety and health, and the use of food-grade silicone made, compared to other similar products more safe and environmentally friendly materials;
2, the product of good flexibility, not easy to change shape, very strong;
3, easy to carry, easy to clean, forever bright bright;
4, high and low temperature resistance, up to 230 degrees, the lowest can reach -40 degrees;
5, oil, corrosion resistance, resistance to microwave radiation;
Product selection basis
Raw materials using 100% food-grade silicone: Food Silica is made of silicic acid polycondensation of inorganic polymer colloidal material, the main ingredient is mSiO2 · nH2O. Chemical stability, in addition to caustic and hydrofluoric acid in these two very special circumstances do not react with any acid. Commonly used in baby pacifiers, bottles and other safety requirements of higher products.
Non-toxic and tasteless: the composition of silica and water, safe and stable.
High temperature, low temperature: the use of silica gel temperature is generally 0 ℃ - 160 ℃ and raw material temperature range of -40 ℃ -230 ℃, far more than food with plastic products, more than 100 ℃ insoluble. The use of process safety, even in the charred, it will only break down into silicon dioxide and water vapor, non-toxic harmless.
Anti-aging, do not fade: oxidation decomposition temperature far more than similar plastic products. The use of non-fading in daily temperature, the service life of up to 10 years.
Easy to clean, oil, no water: the dishwasher in the cleaning, easy to use, is a good helper housewife.
Soft, non-slip: feel good, like the baby´s skin, warm and considerate.